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Since 2015, we at Vinothec, have been building  restaurants & launched  some  very exciting cuting hedge concepts in London & Singapore. As well, we have  been providing

 professional consulting services for 

 catering and wine industry.  From strategic planning to delivery of  a new restaurant, our  focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven operation. We ll  work with you to create a customized plan of action for  your organization and help you deliver it or do it for you. 


Here at Vinothec social we build  places where we love to hang out . Sophisticated passionate with a hedge, we are not partisan & we embrace the world in its  differences.
Our journey to Vinothec Social, started at Borough Market in 2000 where Arnaud, our founder started as a pioneer to trade wines on a stall, to then founding the awesome Bedales,  to furthermore working with the wine legend Robert Parker.
Always social! Always working to be looking after ecosystem symbiosis. 

Always working to bring the most genuine flavour & producer.
Always creative & working on not reinventing the word.
Always seeking collaboration with other talents .
Always hype, laid - back & bringing the best social experience

We build places  for me, for you, for us.



Creative Concept Delivery


Vinothec Social

October 2019

Project delivered in collaboration with Muse development and Lunson Mitchenall.  Vinothec Social is an indepenent Wine, Pizza, Craft Beer & Music  & Party Place in the heart of Lewisham Gateway Regeneration project.


Ardoa by Vinothec

July 2019

Restaurant opened in synergies with Knight Dragon Developer in North Greenwich. Basque & Wine restaurant set up in the heart of the tide development, led by Head Chef Idoia Guzman.

Vinothec Compass - Restaurant Pop Up

2015 - 2019

 This  project is a great example of  a very creative pratenership with Knight Dragon Developer. Wine bar, craft beer & fine casual dinning  associated with a double deck driving range over looking the Thames in North Greenwich. 


Technology, Acquisition, Negotiation  Delivery

In the hospitality industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. We are lookinig at 21st century tools to look at new projects. We startegise, do market reshearch to find the ideal location, use eal outcome for the situation, and through strategic planning we were able to achieve a great end result.



Vinothec Compass

A stroke of food and wine genious in north Greenwich!

Chris Osburn 


Vinothec Social 

Absolutely fantastic. Although the food and drink at the Vinothec is fantastic, the main reason I love this place is the staff. 

Jack McNeill

Google Review

I really really loved Ardoa and thought it offered a real experience of Basque Country cooking right here in London. The owners put their heart and soul into the restaurant.

Chris Walsh

Hype Experience


Arnaud Compas

unit 1 river mill 1 
se13 5fl

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