Modern British with Basque Influences

Our food - served in Ardoa - is orchestrated by our Basque head chef, Idoia Guzman and her team who hark from all over the world. Her inspiration stems as much from London's truly international food culture as well as her native land. Delivered with flair, Idoia's plates are intended to be wine-friendly, being light, well-seasoned, depthful, textured and colourful

Stellar Wine Experience

With a selection of more than 400 wines and 60 beers Vinothec Compass offers an ultimate experience. By rediscovering abiding classics and  exploring  bold  new territories, our co-founders, Arnaud Compas and Keith Lyon aim to take  you on an experience beyond just food, wine, and beer ....

We aim to promote the pretty, unusual and iconic - from indigenous grapes nurtured by small independent growers we have taken the time to seek and meet, underlining the importance of sustainable, organic viticulture. We work from the viewpoint of understanding the wine by trying to understand the country, region, microclimate, the grower of grapes and cooper of barrels. Every wine tells a story.

It was a real pleasure to meet Arnaud and Keith who were excellent – incredibly informative, educational and engaging. The wines were a revelation.     Charles